Really, this was an exceptional experience. Very timely, cost effective and nice product.

John Young Young Construction Group
 Billy -  UR Studio Drafter


Billy is a graduate of Bulacan State University, major in Drafting Technology. He has more than 9 years of experience in the field of engineering and construction as 2D draftsman and designer in the Philippines and other countries. He enjoys spending quality time with his family, built vintage and Classic bikes and he is very passionate about his religion. 

 Cristian -  UR Studio Revit Specialist


Cristian graduated from Bulacan State University with his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. He works as a freelance CAD drafter/designer and a constructor. He accomplished several projects locally, both in design and construction before he become a part of UR Studio . He spends most of his free time with his family and enjoys playing with his son. 

 Elena -  UR Studio CAD Specialist


Elena is a Registered and Licensed Architect in the Philippines since 2020. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture in 2017 and has been working on the field since then. She has experience in drafting and modelling retail spaces for US companies as well as in local design and construction industry—which mostly deals with residential and warehouse projects. She is also a part-time digital artist who accepts anime-style commissions—both for local and international clients—in her free time.  

 Francis Mari -  UR Studio Architect

Francis Mari

Francis is a licensed and Registered Architect since 2013 and a member of United Architects of the Philippines (UAP). His actual Architectural experiences started when i graduated in 2009 at Bulacan State University both here in the Philippines and in Singapore. Fond Raw Concrete Designs Construction (Brutalism). He plays basketball & surfing, loves to travel with his wife and a dog lover. 

 Joseph -  UR Studio Drafter


Joseph earned his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Bulacan State University. Before coming to UR, he worked 5 years as a CAD operator and architectural coordinator in a general contracting company. He loves music and playing basketball in his free time. 

 LA Mauricio -  UR Studio CAD Specialist

LA Mauricio

LA graduated from Bulacan State University, bachelor of Industrial Technology major in drafting. Experience working in the construction industry. I like to cook & experiment, watch crime seen series or anything related to that, adventures and I would love to travel to see their architectural places and foods 

 Niña -  UR Studio Drafter


Niña completed her bachelor's degree in architecture at Bulacan State University. She has been interested in architecture since she was a child. She enjoys playing video games that involve puzzles, logic, and reasoning and also spends her free time watching anime or reading manga. 

 Reginald -  UR Studio Drafter


Reginald graduated from the University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Philippines, with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree. Before UR, he worked for a multinational contractor company as a project manager and equipment supervisor, working primarily with residential houses, commercial buildings, bridges, silos, and roads. 

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