Who Are We?

UR Studio (originally known as United Renderworks) was founded with a goal to create high-quality, reasonably-priced renderings for architects. We have grown to additionally offer CAD, BIM, and animation services with the same mission of high-quality and reasonably priced deliverables. Our down-to-earth approach and friendly, competent staff is appreciated by our clientelle.

Our Mission

UR Studio's mission is to promote architecture through exceptional support services.

We want our architectural clientelle to be profitable and successful. We strive to have our work reflect well on your reputation, to have it done on time, and to have it done right.

We want to make the process of using our services as easy and painless as possible with a friendly helpful staff; clear, concise communication; and multiple internal reviews to make sure our work is complete and accurate.

Our Experience

Over the years we have produced renderings, animations, 3D models and construction documents for top architects throughout the United States.

Our body of work includes renderings and construction documents for international hotel chains, universities, medical institutions, national retailers and restaurants, large industrial operations, theme parks, multi-family projects as well as small-scale sustainable homes, affordable housing, housing developments, and custom homes.

Although we primarily work with architects and architecture firms, our clients are also contractors, commercial real estate agents, developers, business professionals, and home owners.

UR Studio makes it easy

Our drafting, visualization, and animation teams work with the information you have.
  • Hand Drawings We can build just about anything from hand sketches.
  • Blueprints We can build models from old blue prints or recreate the files in Revit, Sketchup, or CAD.
  • PDFs Any PDF with dimensions works for renderings or drafting services.
  • Photos We can often build 3D models and complete renderings simply from photos provided.
  • As-Builts We can re-create your as-built drawings as construction documents or renderings.
  • Original Files We can work with most 3D, drafting, and BIM files.

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