Really, this was an exceptional experience. Very timely, cost effective and nice product.

John Young Young Construction Group
 Ross -  UR Studio 3D Modeler


Ross is an experienced 3D modeler, Cad drafter and Construction supervisor. Before UR, He also worked for Landscape design firms in the Philippines and in China. He took Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Bulacan State University. Ross love to spend his free time as a family man, a dog lover, and a music enthusiast.  

 Steve -  UR Studio Office Manager


Steve is a tech-savvy artist who greatly enjoys technology and architecture-related 3D modeling, photography and art. He has a background in Electronics Engineering from University of Southeastern Philippines and studied Architecture from University of Mindanao. He spends most of his free time doodling and playing computer games. He also loves to travel and spend quality time with his loved ones. 

 Vincent -  UR Studio 3D Modeler


Vincent earned his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Bulacan State University. Before coming to UR, he worked both for an architectural firm and as a freelance designer of residential and commercial projects. He has 9 years of experience as a landscape designer in the Philippines and in China. Most of his works are manual/hand sketches and renderings. He believes in the philosophy of a renowned Filipino architect, Ar Bobby MaƱosa, "Architecture must be true to itself, to the land, to its people.". He uses it as basis and guidelines for his designs. 

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