Understanding What Is Drafted

Producing a quality set of construction documents requires a solid comprehension of what is being drafted. When our staff encounter a question that can't be resolved we ask the architect or designer for clarification. We don't blindly put down lines. Understanding what we draw is at the core of UR Studio's drafting philosophy.

3D Detail of Roof Rake
3D CAD Detail of a Garage Floor, Foundation, and Finish Interior Floor

Modern Drafting Methods

Much of today's construction documentation practices and standards were developed in the 80's and 90's as CAD became prevelant. Details were sterile and hard-to-read. However, details should quickly and easily communicate their intent to the builder. UR Studio includes many more 3D details in our CD sets than other drafting services. Our details clearly and graphically communicate the architect's intent which reduces confusion in the field.

Accuracy Audits

Our architectural staff take pride in generating complete and well-documented CD sets. We do internal quality audits throughout the dafting and documentation process checking for accuracy, consistency, and completeness.

CAD Drawing of Steel Welded Connection
3D CAD Detail of Floor Plate, Wall, and Joists

Visual Consistency

UR Studio maintains rigorous graphic standards that are uniform across software platforms. Our 2D, 3D, Revit, Sketchup, and CAD drawings maintain a consistent visual apperance that attractive, simple, and reduces visual clutter so prevelant in most construction sets.

Construction Drawings

Below are a few of our custom 2D & 3D drawings and details.
We currently use CAD, Revit, & Sketchup.


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